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Forging Changing Building and Creating

St Mirren Youth Football Club


St Mirren - Friends & Supporters - Football Club Boys Club - Youth Football Club


This Club was founded in 1998 by Friends and Supporters of St Mirren Football Club, by the professional club's              

then manager Tony Fitzpatrick. This evolved into the Football Club's Boy's Club with Tony's vision to initiate a local youth set-up that would eventually feed into the professional ranks. This was indeed the fore-runner to the 'Pro-Youth' set-up.


For over a decade, our teams wore the FC badge with honour, with the words 'Boys Club' embroidered underneath! Times have moved on though, and Renfrewshire's premier Youth Football Club is going from strength to strength. This might be something to do with our policy that coaches should in general, remain impartial; with many of our coaches having come through our own ranks as players - we encourage former players to be coaches, most of them are not related to our players which helps avoid personal & vested interest; and instead encourages a more balanced approach and fairness in team selection.


Tony Fitzpatrick is now our Club Patron and supports us hugely by handing out awards at our annual Presentation Night - to the football players of the future! The Club have produced some technically gifted players in recent seasons - probably the best known recent recruit to the professional game being former Buddie, Stephen McGinn, now of Watford FC and a Scotland Under 21 internationalist - proof that our young grassroots players can make the grade!


the Club looks forward to the chase and challenge as St Mirren Youth Football Club - long may the FCBC run - Forging, Changing, Building and Creating - football players for the future!

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